Friday, 23 January 2015

Just your type


Inflation, the same idea in the watching words move book(right)

The rules are simple: Use only bits of letters to create a word's visual meaning. There are some wonderful examples here, who would have thought that ISRAEL and PALESTINE could be created by combining the letters in blue and dark orange or Good with the d becoming a thumbs up symbol. Ji Lee has about a hundred examples in this small square book.

Not exactly a new idea though, New York designers Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar created a little book in 1959 called watching words move with the same idea but they only using one typeface and size. Their book had examples like sawwww, f1rst, +dd, mamMoth, nO!se, ?uestion (it was republished in 2006 by Chronicle Books ISBN 9780811852142).

Anyone who picks up this book will be intrigued the wordplay and nicely Ji Lee provides a few pages of guidance at the back of the book to kick-start your creative thoughts to do your own ideas.

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