Saturday, 7 November 2015

Night light

I recently reviewed Lynn Saville's Dark city (ISBN 9788862084116) published this year, I liked her night photos enough to get this book published in 2009.  Both books are full of intriguing shots taken after the sun has nearly disappeared so that the only light source is artificial.  The work in both books is taken in New York though Dark city had a few taken elsewhere in the US.

Saville cleverly uses what light she can find and combined with shadows creates great photos that wouldn't have the same magic if taken during the day.  I particularly liked the subject matter, commercial areas, construction sites, bridges and parks in the city rather residential streets which tend to be more uniform in scale.

Of the two books I prefer Dark city because it has a slightly larger page size, finer printing screen than the 175 used in this book and cleaner presentation but both books show off some first class images after dark. 

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