Thursday, 28 July 2016

The man who shot New Jersey

Right Petit's Mobil station.

A delightful keepsake of George Tice's photography in a handy sized paperback, published in 2001 by David Godine in his Pocket Paragon Book series. The book has seventy-five photos covering work up to 1999 though Tice has had several titles published since then but they tend to contain photos taken before 1999 so this paperback is a good, but brief, overview of his work.

The earliest photo in the book was taken in 1953 (Tice was just fifteen) showing a Bowery resident unconscious on the sidewalk, subsequent work jumps every few years with a wonderful selection of mostly exterior photos taken in the US and Europe. His fascination with New Jersey gets the most work, including the famous shot of Petit's Mobil station in Cherry Hill from 1974.

The photos are printed as two hundred screen duotones on a light cream paper with rather elegant layout and typography. My copy, which I bought recently second-hand, has a round sticker on the front saying Autographed Copy and there is Mr Tice's signature on the title page.

I mentioned that New Jersey has the most photos and if you are new to the work of this photographer I can recommend his book Paterson II (ISBN 9781593720223). A remarkable selection of photos revealing everyday life in the city but what makes the book unique is the printing using a six hundred screen making the pictures almost indistinguishable from prints of the photos.

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