Wednesday, 9 January 2019

How to shoot your garden

The ideal book for the amateur photographer who has a reasonably sized garden and wants to capture the changing  fauna and wildlife through the seasons. The author has written several books on photography and I expect they all start, like the first seventy-two pages of this one, with an explanation of how a camera works, the various controls, basic equipment you might need, lenses, lighting, color and composition. This is written, as is the rest of the book, in an easy to understand conversational style.

The four seasons are illustrated with about two hundred photos, mostly of flowers but including wildlife that comes and goes through the year. All the pictures have detailed captions about what's in the frame and ending with technical information, for example the peacock butterfly on page 137 had an exposure of 1/60 f11 90mm macro lens ISO 100.  I think the strength of the book is that all the photos are straightforward shots that any amateur could take with practice, there's nothing 'arty' here, that would make the photos very personal to the author. Another plus is that each flower is described so that the book is also a handy botany lesson (the author is a professional biologist)

The book is printed with a 200 screen on a nice matt art but unfortunately the paper is a bit too thick for the book's dimensions which prevents it from opening flat and it created a minor annoyance while I was reading and looking at the photos.

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