Friday, 31 July 2020

A little sweet but also a little sour

For a book that is basically visual nostalgia I found this a very dreary looking title. Nowhere near as fascinating as Opie's famous scrapbooks or the beautiful 'The art of the label' published in 1988, a year earlier than 'Sweet memories'.

Most of the images are pre-forties with lots of whole page pack shots or show-cards for shop windows. Into the fifties and sixties there are several magazine ads from the leading confectioners like Cadbury, Mars, Fry's, Rountree, Payne's, Mackintosh, Sharp, Pascall and other smaller brands. Boxes of chocolates aren't really covered except for Black Magic, Milk Tray and After Eight. At the back of the book there are twelve pages devoted to the history of the leading makers.

All the visual material was available for a super looking book but who ever designed it took the easy, bland look route. 

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