Sunday, 1 February 2015

A Neue Grafik version

The forty-eight page magazine format publication that comes with the set.

At last, a welcome reprint of this famous but short-lived Swiss magazine. Anyone who knows their design/typographic history will have read about the publication and maybe even seen a copy. It's reputation has grown over the decades despite a small circulation and it wasn't really professionally edited or promoted though the four editors, all designers, bought an enthusiasm and love of graphic creativity to each issue.

The reprint is certainly a handsome job. A study box holds the seventeen copies (issues seventeen and eighteen were published as one in February 1965). The original magazine used a 150 screen, this reprint uses a 200 screen and copies each page properly using line and tone rather than screening the whole page. An additional forty-eight page book has background essays about New Graphic Design and its influence around the world, biographies of the four editors and an Index to the issues.

I think Lars Muller are to be congratulated for reprinting this famous (least among designers) publication and making its contents available to a new audience.

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