Monday, 2 February 2015


The latest logo (bottom right) looks very flat compared to the 2010 version (bottom middle).

According to the book he is Major Quality and his sweetheart Miss Sweetly.

This is really Logo Life lite (ISBN 978 9063692605).  That book with a hundred  company logos shown historically (some are in this book, too) was much more interesting than this one, least for designers.  Tasty stories is more of a casual presentation of twenty-three company logos and PR histories of the companies.   The brands are all big name food companies from Europe with eight American ones. 

What I found intriguing looking at the various logo changes over the years is that some of the newer designs don't necessarily look better than a logo from the recent past.  The current Douwe Egberts seems to lack any sparkle when compared to the 2010 design, Quality Street chocolates (now owned by Nestle) have a dull looking mark compared to the one used during the nineties.  On the other hand the latest Duvel beer logo, still using the traditional black letter type, looks brilliant.  A feature throughout the pages is seeing logos large.  Page eighty-one has two from Kellogg's, one from 1970 and the other 2012, only a typographer would be able to point out the very slight differences.

Worth buying if you can find it cheap enough but Logo Life is much, much better.

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