Saturday, 21 May 2016

A five alarm fire book

Originally UK published in 1999 and with only thirty-six pages but when you see the book you'll realize that these are huge foldout pages (thirty-five inches wide) of thirty-six American and British fire engines and they look superb.

Each engine has been photographed as a profile shot and cutout on the white page, for example the American LaFrance 700 is two foot wide. There is also front and rear shots plus additional close-ups of dashboards and equipment, these photos work because they were all taken by Mike Schram so all the color looks uniform. The text has a brief description of each engine plus comprehensive tech specs.

Obviously not up to date, the last engine is an AEC Merryweather from 1967 with the first a 1920 Prospect/Ford but this book of wonderful foldouts will interest any fire engine fan.

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