Saturday, 28 May 2016

What's it worth?

Always a pleasure to browse through the latest annual Collectables. This edition has four thousand images (which are changed for each new book) each with a caption and suggested value. As the title suggests the contents are collectable rather than out and out antiques and some reviewers feel that the contents don't really go into particular depth about a subject, I would agree but the book is a snapshot of a huge range of everyday products and artistic objects.

Miller's publish a whole collection of titles to cover specific interests, for example: Art Deco; costume jewellery; mid-century modern and the very impressive Antiques encyclopaedia (ISBN 978 1845337698). I've been collecting Scandinavian glass and ceramics and only one piece is illustrated in this book. I would look elsewhere if I wanted detailed information about my collection.

The book is also a pleasure to look at, all the photos are cutouts, the layout and typography work for the reader. Overall, a yearly visual treat.

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