Friday, 2 April 2021

Silver on Danish

his seems to be a rather obscure seventy-four page book (or should that read rare?) published in 1984 by Georg Jensen & Wendel in Denmark. It's a translation from the original Danish version authored by Walter Schwartz. He writes about the life of Jensen, his childhood, years and the origins of the Jensen silversmithy where he created all those wonderful products made out of silver. It's illustrated with lots of mono photos and nicely the captions include the company number assigned to the products. On page sixty-eight there is a photo of a beautiful chalice (number 721) made for an English church in 1933, it was the last piece Jensen made.

The book's back pages include details of the companies silver marks and a chronology of Jensen's life. If you collect his silver and housewares the book is worth searching out if you want to know about his family and early life. Look inside the book at Westread Book Reviews then click 2021 and April.

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