Wednesday, 5 January 2022

The frog never looked more interesting


Illustrator Sybille Schenker has created another wonderful graphic storybook. This is her third Brothers Grimm book and uses plastic pages with a gold, silver and black ink with other paper pages printed with black and gold. Like the other books, the title is laser cut out of the cover (obviously fragile so the book has a clear plastic jacket).

It's the book's production that makes the story come alive for me. The illustrations printed on the plastic pages and gold type on the paper pages give this traditional story a contemporary feel. Graphic designers will love it. 

Schenker's previous Brothers Grimm books include Hansel and Gretel (2011) printed with some pages using tracing paper, Little Red Riding Hood (2014) used laser cut shapes on several pages. Her three books are a joy to look through.

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